Please pray for me… God bless you

by M (Fl)

God, my Father,

I need You. Please my Lord help me. Strengthen our relationship and our faith in You Lord. Please Lord protect us both and this relationship with the Precious Blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ. May my boyfriend always be faithful, loving, patient, and understanding towards me.

Cast out any of these fears, negative spirit, anxieties, and pride. Soften his heart towards me always and open the lines of communication between us so that I always hear from him. Please Lord may I finally hear the 3 words from him “I love You”. Thank You God for Your love and mercy. Thank You Lord for loving me so much. Thank You Father for delivering my miracles.

I claim my unity in marriage with my boyfriend in Jesus name. For I know God you are delivering. I love You!!! In Jesus name I pray and claim my miracles already delivered. Amen.

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