Please pray for me!!! Cure me from all of my sickness

by Chanel (Canada)

Dear God,

I stand in front of you today as one of your children who is crying for your help. I thank you for saving me from my car accident and giving me another chance to live. Please God all mighty bless me from my chronic pain, cleanse me from my kidney infection, and purify my skin from the unknown condition. Please send me strength and fill my heart with peace, because I know you are listening and love me.

God, my mighty father,
bless me indeed and bring forward supernatural blessings into my life. Protect me from all evil and lead me into the light of your path. Please God shine your heavenly rays upon my life and cure me from all of my sickness, suffering, and depression. You are the only one who can save me, and the only one I trust within to cure me. Please God bless me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Thank you for the breath of life God, and with you close to my heart I know anything is possible!!!

In your name I pray. <3