Please pray for me and my Wife and family

by Adam (Van Nuys)

Lord Jesus Christ I pray and ask you to please heal our memories and fears of my wife and family and mine and bring back the great love and trust she and her family one had for me and my percents. Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to bring back the amassing love she one had for me with so much passion and devotion in her hart. Lord Jesus Christ I know you see all and I ask you to please pray for me to the father for a rapid and quick change for the better and even better then before.

Lord Jesus Christ I ask you and pease you and beg you on my knees to please interested and give me an amazingly beautiful awesome marriage with my wife and bond in one onather and in you. Let you will be done I trust in your will and I give you my free will please except me as I am and transform as you wish amen.