please pray for me and my walk with Jesus

by Margo (Tx)

yes please pray for me and my walk with Jesus and want to be strong in my work and know him even more I want to know about spiritual. Deserve it and I pray for my family and all that saved and unsaved and that the Lord will be with all of us to have mercy upon each and every one of us in this world today I pray for the people that is doing evil around the world that they will turn their hearts from their Wicked Ways and turn to Jesus while there’s still time and ask the father to forgive them for Deeds help us Lord Jesus we need you we need you more now than ever for the guy we need your love God we need you every minute every second every minute and hour of the day we need you father God I plead the blood of Jesus on everything that’s going on in the world today and that the holy spirit that it will come to comfort those that are going through and then people would accept Jesus as your lord and savior there is only one God only one God there’s no other but one who created God father God Jesus help me Jesus I Need You Jesus help me Lord I cry to you each and every day for my heart help me father I need your love is so many things but I have talked to you about in private you know what it is Father help me Lord help me help me Jesus help me……….

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