Please pray for me and my life partner. We are in need of your urgent prayers

by Maria (India)

Please pray for me and my life partner. We are in need of your urgent prayers. My parents are not in favour of the marriage and are unhappy with my decision of going forward with marrying him. My father is not wanting to interfere with anything regarding my decision and the marriage as he has some anger and dislikes my life partner. My mother also does not like him and keeps nagging me about him. She is trying for ways to make me change my mind by putting negative thoughts in my head like if he is defective or has birth defects and saying he is too fat and about his appearance etc.

I believe in the power of god and believe that its gods plan that i have found my life partner. He is spiritually inclined, a man of god a man of prayer with no vices. He gives god the first preference in his life. I met him at a very low point in my life and he counselled me and told me about gods love. It is because of him i have experienced the power of God in my life. I with no doubt believe that all this is gods plan but my parents have different negative views. My mom nags me everyday asking questions about him and his parents which are irritating me a lot. It disturbs my peace of mind. Also my life partner has the gift of knowledge and prophecy and has revealed and predicted a lot of things within my family which has come true. I truly believe that its all gods power. My parents do not believe. Please pray for my parents for peace in their hearts and minds and that they may recognise the will and plan of god.
Please pray for me as i will be announcing about my marriage and life partner to my uncles, aunts cousins etc in few days. There is no peace and joy in my home everyday unhappiness and daily arguments over past issues. My parents do not compromise only blame each other for things. There is no love care and appreciation for each other only resentment and anger. Please pray for each one of us.