Please pray for me and my kids

by Zela (Harbor City California)

I never done this and would love to post my request for prayers to me and my family. It seems as my family never seem to have an ending problems. When one problem is solved. Next one comes along. Sometimes I feel liked I am being cursed.

Maybe I am praying wrong. I wonder sometimes why my life is this. But I accept everything that comes to me. I don’t like it but I can’t complain about it. I just want to have a peace of mind especially my kids.

My two boys who is in trouble and one boy who is crying because he doesn’t want to be where his at. I leave everything to God. Maybe a miracle will come along hoping to have my son back in the house because he got himself in trouble.

I ask for prayers for me and my kids especially my boy Ryan to have a peace of mind and to have faith and hoping that one day all these problems we have will end in a good way. It’s hard to be a single mom with 6 kids and 1 grand baby but I try my best to stay strong for the sake of them. So I ask from my request to please, pray for me and my kids for peace and my son’s safety..thank you

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  1. zela & family

    i pray for you every night. Stay strong. God will see you and your family in the right direction. You are not alone. ❤peace & love.

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