Please pray for me and my husband Anto

by Ansuya (Mauritius)

Please pray for me and my husband Anto. We are suffering from an unjust situation.There is a person call jack who took $10 000 and now he is refusing to repay back the money.We are in a different country away from home and jobless.We have lost all our belongings,savings and we don’t have money to return back to Australia.I have massive depths to pay .I need a miracle to get out of this messy and painful situation.Our lives are in sorrows and people are laughing and mocking us.LORD you know we are innocent and still we are suffering for it.Please give me courage and strength to endure this situation. please LORD honour me and deliver from the tricks and plots of my enemies.Please LORD send me miracles. please let me have my visa to work in Australia and pay off my depths.Lord i don’t want to still people money they trust me, show me a way … please help me LORD , you are my refuge and my hope.Please forgive me and my family for the sins we have committed . there are some i have done knowingly and some unknowingly. we are stressed and tried. We are not at peace. please send me angels to guide me and watch me. Please protect me LORD, help me and guide me.

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