Please Pray for Me and my Family

by Cook (Georgia)

Lord, I need help with my interview on tomorrow. I got laid off six months ago and haven’t been able to get a job. I am sixty years old; but can’t retire because of obligations to my family. I really need this job lord. Please help me to be able to ace this interview tomorrow at 1:00pm et, with a job offer to follow.

Also lord I am changing my career and need help in being able to perform this job successfully. I would love to know the questions to prepare my answers; but if I can’t have the questions upfront, help me to be able to answer the questions given effectively.

Also, lord let the pay off be an offer with abundance so I can help my elderly parents and my grand-daughter. I realize I am asking for a lot lord; but I am a very giving person and will share my success with others.

Lord, also help both my daughters to be able to find successful careers.

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