Please pray for me and my family. and that I am able to find a job.

by Stephanie (Usa)

I have been out of work for over 2 years and i am un able to find any work. i am becoming very desperate, and i just dont know where else to turn but to prayer. please pray for me and my mom and kids please. my mom has been the only one supporting me and my 5 kids. i feel so badly because i see her come home so tired and i dont know what else i can do to help. im trying to find a job. i am always putting applications and i cant even get an interview. so i beg of you to please hear my prayer and pray for us. i dont want hand outs, i just want to work for my living. i want to be someone my kids could look up to and be proud of. but what do they have to look up to. im a failer, worthless, useless. but ill never give up. pray for us, pray for me st. jude please, amen

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