Please pray for me and my family

by Melissa ()

We are in a situation where we don’t know which path to take…some days we can’t even see a path. I am relying on God every second of the day. He is Who saves my last bit of sanity and has all of my hope. My husband was trying to get a business going so that he would be able to leave the industry (crane operator) he was in due to it creating physical/medical problems for him. In the process, work dwindled, and he was laid off. He didn’t go elsewhere due to the pain and has been struggling with his business, therefore struggling to make ends meet…as my income is no where near what he was making. We are now unable to talk about what we need to do to survive since he built this life on his former salary (I say he because when I am hestitant to agree with certain financial choices, it creates problems, so I cave). I have an anxiety disorder and he is hard-headed and having mood swings from okay to happy to very cranky. My anxiety is severe daily now. My suggestions only cause frustration for him. He is snappy with the kids at times. The kids and I never know what to expect right now. I pray every day that he gets a job offer that he can’t refuse…one that will make him happy. Please pray for this and that his body heals so his pain stops. Our health insurance ends this month too. Please pray that we stay healthy and safe. Please pray that he changes for the better and that our family grows together and always treats each other with respect and kindness. Please pray that God hears these prayers and helps us. Thank you and bless you.

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