please pray for me and my child

Dear God

Thank you for helping me always. You answered all my prayers. My daughter is the best gift that I have gotten. My husband left me. Fighting with me to take the child away. He is not an attentive father. He broke his vow of being faithful husband and provider for his family. Instead, he is in self indulgence. I loved him, but he could not love me nor even knew how to get love. He is in bad company.

I feel helpless and frustrated. I do not have job. I do not wish to waste money in attorneys. God, please bring the miracle to this family. Please work on my husband to soften his heart. He asks your forgiveness and accept his loving wife and kid.

My daughter wants her mommy everyday, so do I. I want my daughter to be with me everyday. Please God do the miracle so that the court gives the child to me. Everything in the court goes in my favor. Send a kind attorney, who will change everything in my favor so that he wakes up from his false ego and illusion.

Either you change his heart so that he comes close to us or else remove him from both of our lives. I can not continue living like this anymore. God, please change it by end of this year. I have faith in you that you will do the miracle for me. Let my little one’s faith grow in you by fulfilling her desire to have her mommy everyday. She is also frustrated of why God is not hearing her prayers. Please God be my strength and guidance.

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  1. Pray for my three kids and me

    God pkease help me move on with my kids. I want to be able to get a home for them. Their father has been lying to me back and forth just to keep ud aroumd for he does not have nothing. Never gets a decent job. He always complaining, harrasing me. God I want you to help him think and act like a respectful ressponible father only for the kids sake. For me I just want him to do for h Is kids see them when it is hus day and leave me along. No mor harrasing. I want to work and care for my kids and be happy and just move on. God please provide me with this. I have faith you will thank you God.

  2. Prayer for Families

    Dear God,

    Please bring healing to this family and all other families who are suffering in this way, including one of my sisters who is in a similar custody battle for her daughter.

    Please protect the children involved in these situations and fill them with your faith and love. Please help them to continue to trust in you and your will, and continue to pray and talk to you for support during this difficult time. Let them know that you hear them, you are listening, and you are there. Reassure them that no matter what, everything will be ok because you’ll never leave them.

    Please comfort the mothers and take away their fears. Please fill them with faith and heal the pain and hurt in their hearts. Give them the strength and the support they need during this time, including financial support. Please send others to help them, to lift them up and guide them, as no one can go through these difficult situations alone. Help them to find the right attorneys, who will help them present the best case, and open the hearts of the judges to the truth.

    Please also open the hearts of the fathers. Allow them to know your peace, love, and truth. Please have them act in their family’s best interests. Help them to hear your voice and follow it. Please give them strength, wisdom, integrity, and whatever other qualities they need in order to follow your will.

    Thank you God for listening to my prayer and thank you for helping this family, who is devoted to you, and all other families who are feeling similar pain. Please let them know they are not alone and that your goodness always prevails in the end.

    With much love & gratitude, I pray. Amen.

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