please pray for job promotion,debts,house,sins

by Kuriakose (Dubai)

My family was living in a rented house last 12 years and we have lot of debts. In our family in every branches some misfortunes are happening and i feel that its due to the sins of my ancestors.In the society where i lived in India, there are lot of rituals/workships and offerings to other religion gods for some specific needs which is deemed for a christian.I feel i also get some sins and curses by depending on other gods and thats why there is always hindrances in my path.I started building a house by taking huge loan,but the house construction is also not progressing as expected.My brother even though completed degree course 2 year before,didn’t receive degree as he failed to pass in 1 paper, he has been trying to get a pass,but due to bad luck he cant.My family image in the public is bad due to debts .Due to the delay in house construction,my marriage is also getting delayed .I am in utmost worry thinking all,

Currently i am working in Gulf as engineer, a promotion for me was promised 6 month before by the manager once the company starts a new project inside the current project.Currently i am handling the project. The new project will starts on september-october .But now instead of promoting me company plans to promote some other person inside company to that place and thereby replacing me to some other project. This is not due to my fault and its due to some internal games in the head office.Since that promotion was promised to me and as the company promoting some other person at this moment,i am feeling so much depressed.There are some people who support me,but am not sure whether they can help me or not.

i request to pray for me to clear all the obstacles in my way and to lead a happy life ,happy marriage and a future generation with wisdom,knowledge and god fear.Please pray for the sins of my ancestors.
Please pray god for a promotion and keep this project within me if its good for my future.A promotion can help me financially and i can clear my debts also

I cant save money as i wish and i am always wasting money lavishly. please pray for me.

,please pray to get rid of all hindrances for promotion.Please pray to god for a promotion , mental peace ,happiness in job and for all my problems.
Thanks for the blessings

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