Please pray for God to save my marriage: that my Wife to humble herself and respect me as her Husband

by Richard (London, UK)

Please pray for my wife to humble and respect me as her husband. To remove poisonous profanity from her mouth.

That God will remove chronic lies, dishonesty, and pride in her which is destroying our marriage.

Also that this emotional infidelity she has developed with her boss will end.

I pray for Holy Spirit Revival and Sanctification to for her to resist the devil. That the veil of infidelity will be removed for the sake of our young 2 little children who are not happy with what is going on at home. Even though we think they do not know, it seems they know more than we think

Please, join me in prayer for Gods Mercy and healing in my wife. I am praying for God to right the wrongs and fill her with Righteousness and Revival Holiness. He is the only one who can change her. Thank Heavenly Father for your support in prayer