Please pray for God to heal my marriage

by Maria Massoud (Florida USA)

I am praying for the complete healing of my marriage. We are a blended family who at this time are apart. stubbornness on both sides, careless words that hurt and actions that didn’t always show that we cared. we are separated at this time. I have truly seen how my actions hurt my husband and in the process have lost my home, my best friend and my step daughter. No one cheated, no one lied just financial stresses, foreclosure and not being able to carry each other through hard times. I love my husband so much and i miss him, i feel in my heart that he loves me also. He always showed me. we just snapped one day and he pushed me to say id leave, and i did. i cant change the past but i can change the future and i pray he remember the tons of good times we had. i pray for my husband to have a change of heart and reach out to me. i have tried to reach out to him but he says he needs time. my children and hurting and his child is as well. please pray for healing , we have our wedding anniversary coming in Nov. 2014 , i would give anything to be united again. in the mean time, i strive to be a kind loving person to all i meet , to be grateful for all the good i have, to focus my sadness into joy . Please pray for us.

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