Please pray for doors to open for me

by Anne ()

There are several things that I need praying for. Over the last few months several doors have been closed regarding employment, relationships (friendships and family) and now my mental health is suffering due to all of these negative events unfolding. I do have faith in Jesus Christ. But at the moment I am struggling to see any good in my life. I am having to shield with a vulnerable family member that I am currently caring for full time. And this has meant for the last 15 weeks of lockdown I have felt the most alone and depressed in the whole of my life as I am unable to have in person connections with people on the outside world including close family members such as my mum. I pray everyday also that my sister who I used to be close to will want to develop a relationship with me again. I love her so much and it hurts so much the fact that she has turned her back on family. U want my sister to be my sister again this is what hurts the most I want to be close to her again and have a strong relationship and for her to come back to God as she once was a Christian. Everyday I pray to God that he will move me and give me a sign that he loves me and will help me to feel less lonely. But everyday I wait and wait and receive nothing. I understand God maybe teaching me patience. But what I don’t understand is why God is allowing me to suffer so badly and taking everything away from me. I give everything to Jesus all my problems and I thank him so much for dying on the cross for me. And everyday I recommit myself to Jesus. I am not perfect I am only human and I do sin and ask for forgiveness. I just feel like I am being persecuted by Satan at the moment. What I wish for more than anything is for the safety of my family during this pandemic. But maybe its selfish that I also want my paths to be directed now because I am struggling to cope with a life that is currently directionless. I really am asking that Jesus will bless me. I had an amazing career opportunity the recruitment process was tough and I got the job. But then when covid-19 happened the job was cruelly taken away from me and many other people too. In hard times you also realise who your true friends and family are too and it turns out I don’t have as much support as I thought. Although I can always rely upon God, sometimes I just long for a real friend and family member to talk to during this lockdown. Also I have been praying and seeking for a husband over the last year. I want a husband that will love God foremost and I believe the rest will fall into place. And I pray that you will pray that I will not lose hope and become disheartened by my current trials. I want to be strong in my faith. I cannot take anymore bad news or set backs. Please pray for my mental health that my depression and negative emotions will be healed through Jesus’s miracle powers. Help me to listen for God’s voice to give me wisdom and discernment. Thank you so much for praying for me it means so much. I just need a clear sign that God is still with me I know he is there I just can’t feel it. Pray that I open my eyes, ears and heart to God. And that the holy spirit relights inside of me.

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