Please pray for complete healing in every aspect of our marriage

by Michelle (United States)

Dear Heavenly Father, we need you to work a miracle in our marriage. Please forgive me for my faults in our relationship. Please perform absolute restoration and cause our love and hearts to turn toward each other. Please reveal our needs to the other person and also show my husband what I need and have explained for 11 years. God please show and cause my husband to make me his number one priority after you. I continue to make every effort to be a wife to him and I ask that you show me how to meet his needs. Lord, I am tired and so hurt and have felt everything (his job, hobbies, travel, sports) and everyone (his family, friends) else was always chosen over me, always. I am so sad. I have tried and suggested all I know to do including prayer, counseling, talking, videos, making small groups a priority, etc. He never has done what you instruct (to leave and cleave) and I am tired of feeling left out and abandoned for all of his other interests. I do not want to divorce. I want a happy and rewarding marriage for us. I love him dearly and my heart is so broken.

I am humbly asking for a miracle. I know you can do anything including this.
Thank you, father.


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