Please pray for broken marriage to be restored if it can

by Faith (Steub. Ohio)

Please pray for our broken marriage to be restored . Only been married for 4 years. For almost 3 years he pressured and coerced me for sex and would corner me and not leave til I did what he wanted, or pouted all day and treated it with complete selfishness and disrespect .

He was already getting that and he’d get angry if it was more than a few days. I could describe more but you don’t want me to. There’s much more things but God knows them. I’m angry at him for even treating me this way. So I am very bitter towards him and upset and with my words get angry or frustrated. And then he ignores me and pouts and then I repeat hoping he will understand . Just goes in a circle. Anyways he’s gone about 9 months trying not to do that and grab me constantly lots of things. But I know it’s been a while but I just can’t bring myself to trust him now. I don’t know how to trust him now so worried it’ll go back to this so sorry but sex for me isn’t enjoyable because of this mistreatment for 3 years behind the scenes . And all others see is me getting upset so they don’t have a clue what’s happened and he gets babied by family and I’m just like tortuted they aren’t married to him and have no clue. Please pray for God’s direction and pray if I’m supposed to that I can trust my husband again if he’s really turned from those bad ways and really really not going to do it anymore pray God will give me the grace to trust my husband and take it a day at a time instead of trying to figure out the whole picture in a day. Please pray he wouldn’t pout and not talk and pray I don’t get upset about this anymore. Pray if I’m supposed to let it go if he keeps his word of not doing it that I can gradually trust him and forgive him if he shows me that he’s not just using me to just fulfill himself and then pout. So that doesn’t make the marriage good. Please pray I can forgive him no matter what and that we can decide things. Needs God’s help .

I know I can trust God but don’t know if I can trust husbands word. Please pray for healing and for me to try and forgive and not let it hang over me like this cloud that I can’t get over and always afraid of this happening later on. Let me know God if his heart is in the right place and if this can be worked out and forgiven and forgive each other and no pouting on his end and no getting upset on my end. More peace and good communication and undestanding from both of us. More grace and care and maturity. And me just one day at a time . And please let him realize trust is earned now and not like a light switch. Sorry so wordy but in Jesus name please help! I don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

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