Please pray for a new job opportunity

I desperately pray that I can find a new job with a good salary and medical benefits really soon. I pray that it is a job that I can enjoy doing and that is fulfilling emotionally, physically and spiritually. I pray that it is a job in which I can help people through my talents and that I am able to do a really well and inspire others through my teaching and example. I pray that I find the right career path for me really soon and that I am able to move forward in my life and find something that I really enjoy doing. I also pray that a boyfriend enters my life very soon also. I pray that he is kind, smart, handsome, taklented, classy and overall a really nice guy. I desperatley pray that I am able to get out of my own way and that I can get over my pride and start really listening to God and what his plans for me really are. Please pray that I find a really good job soon that I really enjoy and that I continue to be a better person everyday.

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