Please pray for a miracle in my relationship

by Yee (Malaysia)

Me and my boyfriend has been together for 1 year and recently his feeling for me is changed, his love for me has reduce and he is confused whether I am the right person for him. He said everything is fit but doesn’t feel right anymore. It shocked me because we were so good initially and he always say I am the one he has been looking for. I love him very much and I always think that he is the one who I am looking for and god made me met him. I don’t know what to do now, the only thing I can do is pray that God will answer to my prayer and make our relationship work till the end of our journey.

Please pray for us, I am not yet a christian but I hope God will answer me and I will believe in him and serve him till forever. Dear father in heaven, please don’t take away him from me, I know I am a sinful person, please forgive me….Amen

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