Please pray for a miracle for my daddy

by Brantley (Knoxville,Tn)

My daddy(Tim Brantley) is very very sick. He is in mcc at ut medical center. He is on a ventilator and dialysis. He has double pneumonia in both lungs. His kidneys are failing and his blood pressure is dropping. Please pray for God to heal his body. Pray for God to show us a miracle for my daddy to be a testimony to everyone he meets. To teach the ways and glory of the Lord. I know with God all things are possible. He can turn any situation around. My daddy loves the Lord with all of his heart, I know for a fact! So, I know God loves him more than me. I need him to pull through! I know he can with the power of Christ! God will win the glory! He always does! Please pray for a miracle!

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