Please pray for a big miracle in this man

by Lina (Toledo Ohio USA)

My husband Tibor left this Christmas to his parents, i am here by myself. We have a communication problem, but we always had domestic problems, he used to hit me and verbally abuse me and belittle me. He made me have an abortion.

I come from a different country,and that is a big no-no there,its a crime..He keeps giving me false promises and excuses about having a godly family together,he doesn’t want to be responsible to find a job..if i write i will go on and on..

He left me without a dime..I love him very much..I think he is blind to it and my sacrifices, to bear it all, and i feel out of place here….i am away from my family and country…I cannot visit them either, because we have no money, and he doesn’t care either..i cannot see my family too because they took it out on me, since he sent them e-mail,cussing them and me, that we are dirty arabs, that we come from a third world country and we are stone thrower..I always come back to him, although he would kick me out without my personal things, with no phone or money..

Please pray for a big miracle in this man, Satan took hold of him for a long time…i can’t take the arguments anymore nor the verbal abuse..He hates my country and hurts my feelings..

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  1. Prayers

    First I am so sorry you are experiencing this type of abuse at the hands of your husband. He is doing bad things he needs God in his life. We pray that he will turn to you Lord and receive a new life in you. If you can find help with in the community in which you live I pray that you will find just the right type of help. Often the church has a way to help people who are destitute and left alone or abused. I pray God will show you where to turn. God loves you and He sent his son Jesus Christ 2000 years ago to be humbly born in a lowly cattle shed sleeping in a feeding trough so that we can be free of sin and sorrow. That is why we have Christmas as today is Christmas Day where I live I think even more about God’s great gift to us in the little baby. I do not know if your background is Christian but we believe that this baby is from God and is God. He grew up to be a wonderful person who ministered to many people who had nothing or who had messed up lives. He never left anyone the same those who came to him for help were always left in a better way for having done so. They were all changed. When he died on the cross, the bible tells us that it was for us, to make a way for us to have a relationship with mighty God. To know Him personally and to understand the great love He has for each one of us. We know that God says it was for his great love for us that He did this. Jesus was crucified died and was buried and he rose again after three days and is alive for evermore. The Bible says he makes intercession or better put he prays for our good all the time. I am sorry you are poor and alone God please send help for this lovely person who you love greatly. Bring a miracle to her life speak to her husband and help him get his life straightened out by surrendering and confessing his sin of rejecting the Holy God and abusing his wife. Bring a miracle of restoration to this family bring love and joy and peace as they live and grow together as ones who trust in You each day for spiritual strength to do right. In Jesus Name Amen. Here is a website I found I have no part in it but it seems like it could be an encouragement for you.

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