Please, please, please hear my plea for Desparate Help

O Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer for concern over my loved one who is getting over heart bi-pass surgery.

His doctors are not communicating well with one another and have messed up on his medications. Please help him to get some good sleep so he will feel much better as time passes. His legs hurt because of blockage in one of them and the other one is swelled. Please help him to heal and to rest! O Please Lord, hear my cries for help. I have waited all my life to find this wonderful man.

I do not want anything to happen to him. I must have a purpose for him. His son who is disabled needs his father badly. I want to spend the rest my life with him. I have begged you to allow myself for sacrifice instead him and my children and grandchildren. Oh Lord, please take me before you take any of them. I pray this in your holy name, Jesus Christ. AMEN

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