Please oh Lord as I sit here in sadness and don’t know what to do

by Penny (Anoka MN Anoka County)

Please oh Lord as I sit here in sadness and don’t know what to do. I see saten entered into our apartment manager she lied saying yes I’m going to renew your lease and our apartment just got remodled and as 6/26/17 we got a notice saying we are not renewing your lease and no and she did not state why they are n2it renewing. I’m so heartbroken because I love it here and now I have to go find a new place and with a son that is 11 years old and he has a disability and is upset to about moving because he loves it here just breaks my heart. So I’m praying we will find a better place and Saten will stay away from the management. We did have a angel manager but the Company had to fire her and I think they are all working for Saten except that good manager they got rid of. Now I want to fight these demons but I need help oh Lord and I know it will not make a difference because I may have to move anyways but please give me strength and power to do so. Please Lord help me find a good Lawyer to take on my case and hopefully win and make these demons leave. Please Lord answer my prayer. Amen

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