Please make my wish come true to settle down in Bangalore

by Revathi (Bangalore)

My Husband does not listen to me now a days and hates me a lot. Instead he listens to my all in-laws, they are more selfish and greedy and always try to make a problem and they never leave me to lead my life happily every one interfere in my life and make my days bad but they lead their life with their own wishes and treat us more lower, but my husband never understands what is right and bad, My in-laws always curse me a lot, some times they act as they are good, they gossip wrong thing about me, My Aim is to settle down in Bangalore and make some business and lead a good life, but in-laws brain wash him always, Please help me that my husband should come back to me as true person and listen to me……he really lack in education and work ability, but i am there to guide him and take through but he is not listening to me.please make a miracle that he listens me forever, my in-laws should never trouble me in anyway. All the Family members should be fine and lead a happy life, Thank you.