Please lord wrap your arms around my son and his girlfriend.

by L.M. (Ohio)

Please lord wrap your arms around my son and his.grlfriend. they need your help and love right now. Their innocent baby may have a terrible disability of death and abnormality. Please lord she goes for a test tomorrow to see if the baby is healthy, i am your servant lord and bow to your feet to guide the innocent baby to be free of any deformaty and fatal death.

My son and his girl want this baby more than anything and i think it will change their lives for the better. Please lord i beg of you to spare this innocent childs life and let him or her become a person of god. Please once again lord, make the test be negative of abnormalities and bring joy into three lives. I am sorry to put any negativity on her pregnancy and please lord release me from such a burden. I pray as your devoted follower to allow a beautiful child be born healthy and wise and live a full beautiful life. Amen.

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