Please Lord! Whatever went wrong in our Relationship let it be healed.

by Cleopatra (UAE)

Dear Lord! i bow down on my knees with a broke heart and a painful soul. father me and my partner we are not communicating even when am trying the best i can to communicate with him. he is so far away from that i cant figure out what is going on with him. i might have offended him unknowingly, and i dearly apologize for that. Lord help him not to be attempted to give up on our relationship. please guide him to know that i love him so much. Father keep our hearts close to each other however much we are so far away from each other. let him find mercy to forgive me if i wronged him. and most importantly heal me the pain i have in my heart and give me strength to be patient with him until we communicate again. Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary because i strongly believe soon everything will be alright and restore our happiness. am patiently waiting for your miracle… I love you Raymond, Amen

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