Please Lord, stay with me, in my heart and mind

by Deanne (Switzerland)

Please Lord, stay with me, in my heart and mind. Remind me that it is YOU that has my destiny in your holy hands. Remind me Lord, that YOU will handle all that happens to me and for me and against me. Help me to trust and believe in YOUR control over my life. Help me to let go of all the outcomes I cannot control. Remind me Lord, daily that I am not alone and you are my Father and I am your child. Shower me with your grace, healing and love. Favor me Lord and show me the path you will have me travel. Bless me Lord, forgive me for always trying to do things MY way. Save me Lord from the evil clutches of Satan, protect my heart, prevent my mouth from uttering evil words that injure another, help me Lord Jesus I pray with all my heart and thank you.

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