Please Lord set me free from debt

by Sandra (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I have never trusted in anyone but you Lord. You have been there when I had wandered from your loving hands, you pulled me back with love. I made bad choices, like the prodigal son, I gave away my inheritance and allowed satan to control me and reduce me to a servant eating with pigs. I am so sorry dear Lord. I need you and I love you, please accept and help me. I am perishing Jehova, I am so sad. I am overwhelmed by debt, all the friends I tried to impress have deserted me but you Jehova are asking me to come leave my heavy yoke on the cross and take a lighter one. Help me answer your call dear Lord. Another month is coming to an end and I cannot pay my rent. I need a miracle Jehova, I need $50000 to pay off my debt and start afresh in your love where I am accepted as I am. I need a miracle Jehova and I believe I can receive one today.

Thank you for your mercy Lord, thank you for answering my prayer.

In Jesus’ might name I pray AMEN.

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