Please Lord, send me the one!


I am writing in hopes that my prayer request will be heard and answered by Our Heavenly Father. My first prayer request is that you pray that God sends/blesses me with a good, loyal, caring, respectful, supportive, and trustworthily husband. For some reason something has been hindering/preventing me from finding a good man and getting married. (Almost like a wall is not allowing a man to get close to me to get to the step of marriage.) Please pray that if it is Gods will, He will help me. I am constantly praying and I still do not know where to go or what Im doing wrong:( Out of all the things in the world aside for my health and family, I pray most that God blesses me with a good man. I am very unhappy, hurt, the tears dont stop, and my heart aches as I no longer want to be alone in this world. So I ask from the bottom of my wounded heart that you please pray for me as I am in desperate need of prayer. I promise in return to do my best by pledging my life to Gods services forever and ever. Thank you for your prayers and for reading this letter. God Bless!

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