Please, LORD, save my marraige relationship

by R (OR)

Oh, Lord, I know you are sovreign, and can heal broken Hearts. My wife and I having only been married for 6 weeks are having difficulties, and she wants to end the marraige already. We have known each other for over 15 years, and you know our hearts, the deepest places of it. I have confessed my past, Oh God, and only you can forgive me, and I pray for the forgiveness from others, my wife, family members,etc. In the meantime, Oh Lord I would pray that our marraige be restored somehow, and that you would use us in our marraige to glorify you. I pray all these things, in Jesus name. I pray for others struggling in marraige, that you would heal them too. We are all broken, God, because of sin and a fallen world. Grant us your mercy, and allow us redemption. All things are possible w/ you, Oh God, and deliver us from unholiness. Purify our thoughts and deeds, that we may be a blessing to others, not a curse. Hear my prayers, Oh Lord. AMEN… R, in OR. Praying for the restoration of my marraige/relationship to my wife.