please lord open his eyes spirt and mind let him be healed

by Jessica (Ontario)

Lord you know where we are today where weve been .matt n I have been together for 14 years last Christmas Eve he proposed to me after asking my fathers approval thats all I ever wanted lord was to honour cherish and take care of my soon to Ben husban weve worked together for the past 4 years we have two daughters together as you know 10 and 8 Matts been gone on a break from our family seance October 7th as soo

Much added up and we /I was acting in a mean hateful manner our daughters seen to much arguging lord they seem to much negotiate at the same time us giving and doing anything for everyone and each other no time for each other lord you are the only one that can heal the hurt that still
Sets in. His heart lord from the physical and verbal abuse we dont want Any of that lord you can see we need and want to bring daddy /my man home lord
Please revoke any negative thoughts people that is coming is way to keep in away any longer lord !!please I pray your name heavnly father you make your self real to me and our daughters and Matt lord please ..we love him dearly hes the only one for us Xoxoxoxox in Jesus name I do thank you for this break for making us see and change our hearts only for the best but please lord let it be now Matt comes home … the girls and I hadnt talked to him for 11 days than we got to this Friday !!praise god thank you and he still in love with me says Im
Gonna be his wife hes just not ready yet he wants to be sure …please lord open his eyes spirt and mind let him be healed … we all can heal each other and be one Please god Hear us and answer our prayers please we thank you for everything we love and believe in you and Matt lord