Please lord Jesus help me before I end up in jail

by Veronica (Phx Az.)

Lord please forgive me lord for the life style that I have been living drugs, stealing and talking in such valger language I love u so much I ask that u please forgive me and help me daily to be a stronger person to know I dnt want or need those things in my life I want to be a better person for my 5 kids and be in there life daily .

Please lord Jesus help me before I end up in jail please work in my favor to understand yr goodness so I dnt get taken away from my children permenatly and die or go to jail please I want to change lord ….please hear my heart I’m a good person I just need yr guidence to let this awful addiction go I want to be better for u for my kids then for myself please lord work within me I give a promise to pray to u every day and to stop stealing pls from this day on I will not steall just bring me closer to u and for my kids …..I luv u lord u are my savior pls start off with forgiving me ….. Amen

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  1. God Bless You

    I just want to let you know that I am praying for you. I know how hard it mist be to fight your addiction but just know that if you continue to go to God in prayer and have faith in him, he will take care of you and help you. If you need any help with anything it’s always good to look up Bible verses regarding addiction and influences. It would also help to clear out a space or corner (like your closet) and make a prayer room were you can write down all your prayer request and tape them on the wall. I love you and so does God. Be patient and I promise things will get better.

  2. Faith


    My prayers are with you!

    When you wake up in the morning pray to the Holy

    Spirit pray that to the Holy Spirit be with you each


    Please go to church each Sunday

    Jesus needs you !

  3. Bless you

    My prayers and yhoughts are with you. Keep your faith and the Lord will see you heough this.

  4. Your prayer life

    Together and on one accord we can rebuke the negative bondage that is over your life. In the mighty name of the Lord we cast out and block from ever returning; the attacks of the enemy. In the name of the Lord, we cast out: Vulgar language, drug addiction, confusion, theviery, and acts of negative service that are a result of sin. They have no place within you anymore. Your life is one that is now dedicated to God. The enemy knows that your soul was once his but now that you have raised up your hands to be saved by God, your soul can be redeemed. The bondage that you were under can now be a thing of the past. God gives us free will. You can continue with your desires or you can be made new. Our battles are with our fleshy desires & also with the attacks of the enemy. We can conquer our fleshly ways by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we can conquer the attacks of the enemy by remaining in the ways of the Almighty Lord! You took a gigantic step & reached out to God because within your spirit you felt a noticeable tug. You have expressed your situations openly in this posting because you are serious and you need God in your life. God knows your heart and He knows your petitions. Your unwavering faith and your persistence to honor God with your positive ways of living is what matters. Honor God in all that you do on a daily basis. We that reply to your posting lift you up in prayer. We pray for you, your children, your family and for your relationship with God. May your life experience the best changes that you have ever known. May your life be touched in ways that it transforms the lives of others! May your walk with the Lord be one that your children can respect and admire. May jail or prison never be a factor in your life unless you enter them to share with the inmates about your positive testimony. God is your Savior and with God all things are possible! If God is for you then who can be against you? Value your existence because God truly does. Fight for your life on Earth with your family but also fight for your eternal life in Heaven. Your life matters. Be blessed, be on guard against the enemy, and let your faith be your foundation to repairing the things that You have prayed about being repaired. Take care. God is good!

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