Please lord I feel like I’m drowning

by Ashley (Ohio)

Heavenly Father I come to you today to ask that you would please help with our finances lord . You know lord we have not had any income for a month and we were informed we would have none for another five weeks. Lord I ask that u hear my cry ! Two months behind on rent, car payments, and bills piling up. I worry constantly, so I am ready to give it up to you, I know I don’t have to stress because I have faith that you will make a way like you always do ! Thank you for the many blessing you do give us daily ! Thank you for my children and my husband !

I believe that you will take this situation and turn it around for me. And also lord I ask for courage to be able to explain to my landlord that I won’t have any money until February I am a little worried, please give her an understanding heart ! In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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  1. Sorroful Heart

    I was through times similar to the ones that you describe. I ended up “homeless” for a while, so poor and destitute, too poor to pay for Bankruptcy. Today I live and extremely modest life, no debt, thankful to God that I still have my personal possessions. Debt is slavery, as Jesus said, “the man who slaves for two masters will surely love the one and hate the other.” I know it is difficult to face up to it, the Attorneys do not charge any money for consultations. The attorney’s office will also give you contact info for your local Consumer Credit Counseling Agency. Inaction at this time will only make things worse. Take care, and you will be in my thoughts and Prayers!

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