Please, Lord, I ask that you lift me

by Margaret (Oxnard, California)

Dear heavenly Father , I come to you as a distressed child. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have had many allergic reactions. I have an overflowing of anxieties and can’t not find peace in my own mind and heart. My chemo starts 09-09 and I need to be at peace.

Please I ask that you lift me and all those in the same situation up in prayer. Father God, you tell us not to be anxious but our humanness takes over and it spirals. Lord I ask that you shower me and all those feeling the same, with peace of mind and body and not let the fiery imagination win. Lord I thank you for the gift of doctors, medicine and all of those that choose the medical field. I ask that you bless them too. Father I need you more than ever, please hear my prayer. For I can do all things through you.

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