please lord help my six children,my wife,and I find a way to get a home and our vehicle fixed

by Travis (Wheeling)

Dear lord as you as you already know I am homeless I lost my six children because I couldn’t provide a home for them my wife lost her job and my income isn’t helping we can’t find a home to rent our vehicle is where we’re basically living at the moment which has all of our clothes and belongings inside,we use an air mattress fof a bed its a bed so im not complaining we put all the kids stuff in storage due to losing them because of not being able to provide a home for them I have court on Thursday and they’ve already said that we can bring our children back home but no home still and I still have not found a home to bring them to and I’m scared Lord if I don’t find one soon that I’m never going to get my children I’ve got three girls and three boys from the ages 13 to 5 all witg the same woman as you know they are great children and they miss me as I miss them dearly their all the family I will ever need other than my wife they make me happy they make me sad but most of all I’m glad that they can call me dad bc i did t really have one nor really a mother as neither did my wife as you already know are parents were alcoholics and very voilent so we overdid way past what our children needed bc i necer wanted then to kniw such a life, or being locked up bc your parents wouldn’t be parents I’ve never beem arrested nor my wife i try to be a goid souo truely my intentions are pure all I want to do is to be the parent they’ve always needed like I’ve always tried before I’m begging and begging and begging please Lord help me find the door to the better side away through all these financial troubles please quick hurry in a double I’m begging of you Lord because I need you like so many if us do. Here my name is Travis her name is Ashley Teanna meeia Travis Junior trey ava tibby are my children abd my wife and my names I need you so badly right now Lord please in your name i beg In your name i plead I ask you Lord please help me help them please let me be able to be the hero they need bc in the foater care their being hit,mistreated,unloved they dont know these ways but i do i grew up with them please lord help me gelp bf it forever chages my living children and I love you for all you have given my wife my children my life but I know you’ll never let me go but please Lord please please help me find my way so I can have some more bright sunshiny days,bf the kids are turned cold and no longer love,and care the way that we raised them in your name I beg in your name I plead I Love You Lord,I try to help homeless when I see them,I try to give sides to those whom need when I can wish i could get my family settled and help the world but finances don’t allow that but I truely want to I want to be a superhero to all mankind just someone that can help that they can turn to that can understand where their at in life and where they’ve been you know like a helper that works with or for you I truly just wish I could be a superhero among men i adore and love you lots thank you for all the sacrifices youve already man but Lord plese lend me a helping hand God is good God is great God I love you in your name I pray,I help,I find comfort I truely love you lord AMEN

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