Please Lord help me stop this!!!!

Lord I need your help! I can not do this alone. My family does not understand. Its nothing to explain. Heavenly Father I need your help to kick this addiction! I am not complete. I am not who you want me to be. I have prayed insincerely in the past. I cant do this to myself or my family anymore. I want to be free from this bondage. Lord your the only ONE who can heal me. I say No more. I want to be a good example. I can come out this. I can show the world that this can be done with hard work and faith in YOU. Lord hear me, its time. I need you, I cant do this by myself, I have tried and look where I am at…No where stuck because I am a slave to this addiction to alcochol. Lord this is not who I am and this is not what I want to be. Please go with me. I know this road is going to be a struggle but I must get on my journey. I am ready for my life filled with blessings and prosperity the life that you have waiting for me. I am ready. I am asking YOU FATHER to keep my brain focused on the right. I can do this but not without YOUR help. LORD please take my prayer a prayer that I have prayed many times, this is a sincere prayer from my heart and you know my heart! LORD its time to make this change. Please order my steps in your word. In JESUS name I pray, Amen.

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