Please Lord help me get my daughter home

by Jessica (Missouric)

Dear Lord my daughter turned 17 on the 10th of November and she moved out on November 14th while me and her dad were gone. My mother-in-law has tried to take her from us when she was younger and she couldn’t get her. Now that she is 17 my mother-in-law has got her. I know that she has gotten in her head and probably has promised her the world. I still text her every night to tell her goodnight and I love her. I usually never get a response, but last night (Dec.2nd) I recieved a quick response saying( don’t text me, thanks. ) I feel like I’m mourning the death of my daughter. My heart is broken I have become numb. I have another daughter and my husband to take care of and I feel that I’m failing them because I am broken from my oldest daughter leaving. Lord please help her realize what she is doing isn’t right. Please help her come home!

In Jesus name Amen.