Please lord help I know my wife of 8 years is cheating please help me save my family and myself

Dear Lord I pray for your help to get me through this struggle of having my wife lie to my face about not seeing another man, but knowing that it a lie. It hurts because she is still loving to me and says all the things to to my face to make it seem as we are going to work out our marriage. For 3 months over the summer we had seperated and she had begun to see another man. She told me she had feelings for him and wanted a divorce. It was so hard, but I tried to accept it and respect what she wanted. She then came to me about a week later and told me that she regretted that decision and she made a mistake. She told me she wanted to work this out and give it all she had. I believed her and put my heart back into this. Over the past few weeks I have began to realize she is still in contact with this other man. I have caught her in many lies and anytime I confront her about anything she has an excuse and says there is noone else and gets mad because I don’t trust her. Part of me wants to confront her and walk out because the pain of seeing her lie to my face is too much to take mentally, and emotionally. Another part of me is scared because we have two beautiful children together who love us so much. This pain and confusion is unbearable and I pray to you lord to keep me strong and focused through all of this. I pray for my wife to bring herself away from this affair so we can keep our family together. If that is not able to happen I pray for myself and my little girls to come out of all this strong and ok. thank you lord. amen

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