Please lord help and guide me on how to speak to her

by Maria (Lee County Florida)

Dear lord Jesus , I’m so greatfull that you watched over me, you took care of me always, and I learned to call for you when I didn’t know anything of you, and by your loving grace you, thru your Holy Spirit your showed me I had to confess my sin and by your glory your forgiveness started bringing me more to you lord, and you showed your compassionate love that I never knew, I’m so thankful for what you have done for me, you brought me out of the pit and saved me from the destruction, lord I ask you for my daughter, she wants to be a financial consulting then becomes a lawyer as she move along, dear lord I don’t have a job , and all her scholarship is not enough to meet her entry to college, we had our hopes up and not my daughter I’d so down. Everything I tell her is like nothing is comforting her. Please lord help and guide me on how to speak to her. Her pain is my pain lord . Please forgive. She’s a very good daughter she deserves the best, s

she’s got a high GPA 4.38 she’s learning about you please show her your glory and give her Godly wisdom lord I ask in Jesus Christ our Lord And Savior

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