Please Lord Hear My Prayer about my life

by Chris (New York, USA)

Lord as I sit and contemplate my life, my choices, my mistakes, I replay in my mind the events that have lead me here today.

The situation I find myself and my family. As a man who holds myself accountable for my actions I find a few things that I would change. Falling in love or rather choosing to love the wrong woman was one of my biggest mistakes I have made.

I know now that finding a God fearing and loving woman is more precious than gold. A woman who supports rather than tears down. A woman who encourages rather than discourages. A woman who chooses to do the right things instead of encouraging me and others to make wrongful decisions. I fault myself for not being stronger and for being weak when it comes to loving a woman and my desire to please her more than you Lord. I thank you for teaching me that lesson. It hurt a lot to learn it. The divorce and custody battle hurt me deeply as well.

Loosing my business hurt me as well. The choices I made I would not change, Yes I lost my business, My wife and all sense of financial freedom. However i Thank you forever and a day for allowing me to keep my two most prized loves of my life- my two amazing and wonderful boys. Without them I truly might not be hear today, had I lost them along with everything else I believe that would have been beyond my ability to endure. So dispit my prayer here today mostly asking for help in my life and my boys lives I thank you for allowing us to be together as a family. I also thank you for the lessons you have taught me which I have and will continue to pass on to my boys which I love so dearly and want nothing more than for them to take the lessons which you have taught me so they themselves can avoid such pain and sorrow.
Lord I have contemplated heavily on my choices and here is what i have come up with. I am a good man. I am a great and loving father. I care about others. I avoid evil things and evil people. I stand for the truth and what is right – even if that means standing alone. I do not partake of drugs and alcohol more have I ever been a man that did.

I believe my biggest and weakest part in my life has been loving the wrong woman. For that I am sorry Lord please forgive me I should have known better. I did not. Now I do. Please hear my prayer Lord Jesus, Holy Spirite, Dear Heavenly Father In Heaven and all the Saints who hear my prayer please speed these words to the God almighty himself for his consideration and intervention.

My family – my boys and I have suffered enough and I have prayed for relief before and I am praying for it again. Please I beg of you give us financial gain, financial freedom, financial independance if not just for relief but to show my boys that making the right choices in correcting your ways my be difficult at first but will be rewarded in the future. I am broke, I owe people money and I have no foreseable means to fix this situation, our lives could be so much better, and honestly I believe it should be, I do not believe you want us to struggle like we are. I do not believe you intend for us to barely eek out a pathetic existence. I believe you intend for your faithful to be blessed with abundance and joy and bounty and much of it too. Please forgive me for all my sins of my past, please prevent those that are wishing me and my boys harm to cease their ill will.

I am only a man. I hold myself accountable for my own decision each and every day. I want to win in life and I want my boys to win in life too. Please bless my family with financial reward and gain and much abundance should you choose to bless my family with great abundance I pray for the wisdom and prudence to use the financial gains wisely and Godly the way you guide me to do so. May I seek your guidance and be partnered in this as well as other areas of great need in our lives now and in the future too. Please Lord bring much favor to our lives, much hope, much Love, Help me Lord to be the best Dad I can be for my boys. Teach me to love my boys better each day, with more patience and wisdom to teach them and guide them, keep us from evil and place angels of protection around us daily. Bless my boys and myself to ease our life. Teach us to bless others too Lord.

Let my boys and I share our great fortune with others that we might be a blessing and great and possitive influence to others in need who you bring into our lives. Make my boys and I vessels of your love and abundance for those you bring into our lives. If you allow me to find a woman you see fit for me, give me the strength and wisdom to love her and care for her how you see fit and proper that I might be blessed with a woman who would pray with me and love you the way a Godly woman should, and bring happiness to a man and his family the way you intended a man and a woman to bless one another. My I bless her in return as you intend a Godly man to do. Thank you also for all you do for us each and every day, thank you paticularly for the amazing blessing you brought to my oldest in providing for his college education I can not even begin to tell you how much that means to both me and Brad. Thanks so very much. Please Lord Hear My Prayer. Amen.

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