please Lord bless my relationship for it needs your love and guidance more so me

by PJ (Hawaii)

my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I beg of you to help me and guide me as i will do my out most best to rebuke any sins that may hinder my relation ship with my honey, I know those stupid outburst ive had that is ruining my relationship is not who i am but the devil in disguise for i accept you in my heart always and forever, please help me recognize any of these sins before it’s to late and teach me timing too, could you also fill our hearts with your kind Love and patience so we can better understand each other. Well Lord as you would know already that I’ve had an outburst this past friday and my honey is pretty pissed off and im afraid to lose her cause even tho she is a tuf cookie she is a sweet angel and i love her and she may not know it but she (and turbo) brings the best out of me. Lord I love them dearly so please take extra care of them and the whole shabang (The Silva’s) cause I know you always do. Let your will be done Amen!

Thanks again Jesus!

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