please look after mum and let her be ok

by Susie (Liverpool, England)

Dear God, Grandad, Mar Mar, all the angels, saints, Saint Jude patron saint of lost causes, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Joseph, Saint Michael the Archangel and Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour, please look after mum and let her be ok. Please don’t let mum’s bad back be a sign of anything seriously wrong with her, please just let it be something very minor that can be fixed with tablets. Please don’t let mum need anything like surgery, please, this is really, really important. Please let things start to get better, things just seem to be spiralling out of control at the moment and we really need your help. Please perform miracles and look after mum, she works so hard for each and every one of us. Thank you so much for everything you do for us all, love always, Amen.

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