Please let us have another chance with each other

by April (Pa)

Dear God, Please let us have another chance with each other. I am having such a hard time with this. I feel like there is a reason I can’t move on and the pain is so bad inside me. Every night I relive all that happened and I cry so hard. All I want is him to come back to me and say he wants to work it out and needs me so much.

I wanted to help him in the beginning but what happened is I feel i think in love with him. Im not sure what real love feels like but I can say it is painful and lonely right now with out him. How could something so great and fun have ended so badley and with out talking about it.

Why did he run and how can he turn it off so fast.
Please GOD PLEASE bring him back to me with a bigger heart and full of love for me.


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