Please let my mum get better for tomorrow so they will save her life

by Claire (England)

Please make my mum survive this illness, please make she be better tomorrow so the doctors don’t give up on her, please get her better so she can come home and spend soecial happy times with her family. We need her so much and she needs me. I love her more than myself and I would swap places with her so she can live. Please don’t take her from us now. Please God she’s so special I know you can help her I believe in you and if you need her please take me with her. She is my best friend and my world she doesn’t deserve to die yet she got a lot of life and live in her. She wouldn’t hurt anybody. Please keep her strong she is scared of dying and it breaks my heart. I dont want to be here without her. Please make her better and let her live thank you I love you xxxx

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