please let my husband choose me not her

dear god, mother mary, st jude helper of hopeless causes, please let my husband realize how much he loves me and our family and not fall in love with her…he says he loves me still but doesn’t know if he is falling in love with her….we have many wonderful years together and a beautiful family please let him realize how wonderful it is and work towards saving that….I want us to be as happy as we can be together and am willing to change whatever I need to change for the sake of our love and marriage. Please lord help me get out of this deep depression I am in,I can’t sleep or eat or work….I am a mess.please help me find a happy thought to hold on to and stop focusing on an outcome I don’t wish to see.

in love and gratititude

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  1. God Bless You!

    I pray unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that your husband realizes that he cannot just give up o your marriage like that. He made a commitment unto God and all to be with you through everything. I pray that he realizes the error of his ways and chooses to be with his one true love, you. Let him not walk upon the valley of temptation but choose to live life with you and his Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. No matter what, God is always with you, and remember that everything through Christ happens for a reason. So I pray that you do not give up faith, and you continue to bless Jesus and His Father God.

    In Jesus Name I Pray,


  2. Praying for you too...

    I will keep praying for you and your husband. As I was in the the same situation 10 years ago and know how u feel. Always remember take care of yourself first and talk to someone close to you to get all your frustrations out. Just remember you are Number One. Take Care. God Bless…

  3. prayer for this and my broken families

    Please Lord I pray that you bring this family back together stronger than before as I too am praying for the same thing for my family. Please bless our families as we are asking as only you can do in Jesus name Amen

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