Please let me get my old job back

by Mary (MN)

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please let me get my old job back. You know it was due to budget cuts at school. I was so thrilled to get another job in the same school, but I am not happy doing it. I feel lost and useless. In my old job, I felt valuable and like I could contribute. I was so happy. It was my dream job. I knew how to do it and do it very well. I am so very grateful you answered my prayer of keeping me in the same building where I know everyone. I am still grateful for that. It’s so hard though feeling like I never know if I’m doing it right now or understanding what is wanted of me. Please, please, I just spend the last half hour crying. It”s been 5 months now at this new one. I’ve tried. Please
Father. I want my old job back.