Please let me be HIV Negative

by Constantine (New York)

O God, Lord Almighty and Creator of the Universe, for whom all things are possible, please let me be HIV negative. Be not very angry with me, nor remember my iniquity forever, nor punish me so severely for my lack of judgment in the face of the Enemy and temptation. You, who are All-loving and merciful, hear my prayer, and do not ignore it, for you are my only hope and the only one who would ever listen to someone like me.

Jesus Christ, my friend and savior, I ask that you give me a second chance, and allow me to redeem myself in your eyes so that I may join you someday. Most Blessed Virgin Mary, kind Mother and intercessor, pray to God on my behalf, and obtain me this wish, though I know I do not deserve it – with you by my side, I shall fear nothing: not the evils on Earth nor all the powers of Hell, for you are more powerful than they through the power granted you by God in his wisdom. All you Saints in Heaven, you, who know what it is to suffer here on Earth, do not forget me in your prayers to the Lord God and Jesus Christ.

Please, Heaven: do not let me have HIV. Forgive my degenerate depraved self and do not mark me this way, such that it would shame my family. I am afraid and alone. I will do all I can to make the pilgrimage to the city where Christ died if you grant me this wish, Lord, and I will try to be a better person.

And if it should be your will that I be HIV Positive, then, God, my Father, please grant me the strength to bear my cross, so that with my sufferings I shall be able to expiate my sins and perhaps be worthy of contemplating your face on the Last Day.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit we ask this, amen.

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