PLEASE lead me out of unemployment now

by BL ()

Lord, please end my days of unemployment now. It is draining on my finances and a cause of constant worry for me. I can’t sleep at night peacefully and will wake up in shock and anxiety when I think of being unemployed for so long. Will there still be a future for me? I cried in my heart. I am worried and scared. Lord, I pray that I will receive news of invitations for job interview very soon. I have sent out many applications but no good news as yet. This is so demoralizing. I pray that in this coming week, I will be invited to good job interviews and will successfully clear all interviews and tests.

Please let me be identified as the best candidate for the jobs that I have applied to and please let me be successfully offered good and stable jobs very soon and that I will successfully take up the best suitable job for me very soon. Lord, lead me out of unemployment and lead me to successfully take up a good and stable job very soon. Lead me Lord, I need your divine help. Please clear all obstacles for me and let my job search and taking on of a good and stable job be carried out in total success with no obstacle at all. I am sure you are merciful and a source of help. Thank you.