Please Jesus Help me Get out of Debt and keep my beloved home of 60 yrs

(North Carolina)

Lord, I come humbly to thy throne of grace, asking for your grace, mercy and loving kindness. Lord thank you for all the many blessings that you bestow on me each day.

Lord you know my husband and I are in financial difficulty and need your help to save us and help keep our home. Lord I know I have mismanaged monies that were given to me and Lord you know that we suffered loss of jobs and a critical illness in my family which lasted many years. Lord with unemployment in our area so high there have been no jobs. Lord I am in need of a spiritual blessing from you dear lord so that I can feel relieved of this heavy debt and start to live life again for you.

Lord you know how much I love to get out and witness for you but I have been unable to do that because of my deteriorating health and the severe stress that my husband and i are currently under.
Lord all I want is to be relieved of all my debt and to have the terrible stress removed. I am so heartbroken, Lord, please hear my cry and please Lord I trust in you to help us–you are the only one who can.

Lord please hear my heart’s cry!!!!! I love you Jesus

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