Please instill in me a peaceful mind & heart

by Kelera (Suva,Fiji)

Dear Lord, I understand that everything happens in your own timing. I believe all good things come to those who wait upon you. I am deeply worried about my financial status and its troubling me everyday. I know Lord that only you know the plans for me.I believe Lord they are plans to prosper me. Please dear Lord Jesus, help me – i need peace within me as i await the Lord’s deliverance. Please Lord Jesus, help me help myself, I dont know what else to do or which way to go-im lost in worry and troubles of the mind and heart. Please i beg of you Dear Lord, grant me the patience to wait humbly upon you. Please forgive me for my weaknesses and wrong doings – i know i dont have any right to ask but am hoping and eagerly begging if you could please please hear my prayer. All this i pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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